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Insert Tracer Token to see replication latency

Insert Tracer Token to see replication latency

I have written article to find replication latency at “Find latency in transactional replication”. After reading this article, one of the blog reader put comment in article that they have transactional replication setup and if he runs the query given in my blog, he doesn’t get anything.

Well, let me tell you that replication latency is being maintained neither in publisher database nor in subscriber database. Latency is being maintained in “Distribution” database so the query I have provided at “Find latency in transactional replication”, should be run in “Distribution” database only.

Query given in article respond only if “Tracer Token” is inserted for the publication. You can insert “Tracer Token” from “Replication Monitor” but it won’t give you current status. You have to keep inserting tracer token and I used to do it from a SQL Server job which executes at every 5 minutes and insert new tracer token so that I can get latest latency.

Here is the script which inserts tracer token from the script and that needs to call from SQL Server Job.

DECLARE @PublicationName VARCHAR(50)

--give your own publication name here.

--my publication name is "AdventureWorks2012"

SET @PublicationName='AdventureWorks2012'

exec sys.sp_posttracertoken @publication =@PublicationName


Execute this TSQL code in your publication database and enjoy the script given in “Find latency in transactional replication”.

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