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Setup development environment for Windows Azure

Windows Azure Setup

Windows Azure Setup

Setup development environment for Windows Azure

After explaining what is cloud computing? and essential part of Windows Azure in last few days, many people asked me how they can setup development environment for Windows Azure and how they can test or deploy the application they have created. I got overwhelming response, in form of messages, from the Facebook page of “Extreme-Advice” after keeping above two cloud articles there.

Well, there are many different tools and kits provided by Microsoft to setup your development environment for Windows Azure. Some of the tools are coming in one bundle at the same time you can install it individually as per your requirement. Most of the tools given here, would comes under one bundle itself, now a days , even I have mentioned few of the important part separately just to demonstrate which exact tools comes in use for which purpose.

Here, I will be providing with few of the mandatory tools which you will need to develop Windows Azure application.

1.) Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SP1 or greater: Microsoft announced Windows Azure in Microsoft Developer Conference 2008 (PDC-2008). Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional or greater version can be used to develop your Windows Azure application. Right now Visual Studio 2012 is already available but if you can’t make it, I highly recommend at least grab Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

2.) Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or greater: In Microsoft cloud environment, you have to use “SQL Azure”. You can access SQL Azure database either from your online azure account or from SQL Server Management Studio installed in your computer.

3.) Windows Azure Storage Emulator: The Windows Azure storage emulator provides local instances of the Blob, Queue, and Table services that are available in the Windows Azure. If you are developing an application that uses storage services, you can test it on your local computer by using the storage emulator. download “WindowsAzureEmulator

4.) Windows Azure Library for .NET: This is a bundle of useful class library which can be used to develop application for windows azure cloud. download “Windows Azure Library

5.) Windows Azure SDK: If you install full SDK either for Visual Studio 2010 or for Visual Studio 2012, you don’t need to install step 3 and step 4 manually. This SDK is a bundle of all required tools that you need for setting up Windows Azure Environment for .NET or JAVA or Python or php or Node.js. download “Windows Azure SDK“. You have a choice here based on your Visual Studio Version (Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2012).

6.) Windows Azure Account : Microsoft Provides Free trial for 90 days for Windows Azure account. You can host 1 relational database, 10 websites and unlimited inbound bandwidth with this account for 90 days. You need a credit card to setup this account to prove your identity, though it is free. If you are interested, register here.

7.)  Office 365 : Office 365 is a Microsoft’s way to provide Share Point, Ms-Office, Exchange Server & Lync Server combo as SaaS. You can get more details about Office 365 from here. You can get 30 days free trial of Office 365, if interested then register here. BTW, credit card is not needed for registering for free preview.

Enjoy Cloud !!!!

Reference: Ritesh Shah



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