Find undistributed replication command in SQL Server

Find undistributed replication command in SQL Server

I have written one article to find replication latency sometime back. If I find latency of 10 seconds or more for longer time then I always try to find the bottleneck and fix it because in the environment I am working, won’t afford big latency.

In finding the bottleneck, my first step would be to find how many commands are pending to apply in replicated database. To find undistributed command, you can use replication monitor which comes with SQL Server itself or use sp_replmonitorsubscriptionpendingcmds” system stored procedure which you can find in distributor database of replication.


--system stored procedure to run in distribution database
execute sp_replmonitorsubscriptionpendingcmds
--replication publisher server
@publisher ='PubServer',
--replication publisher database
@publisher_db = 'AdventureWorks2012',
--replication publication name
@publication ='AdventureWorks2012Pub',
--replication subscriber server
@subscriber ='SubServer',
--replication subscriber database
@subscriber_db ='AdventureWorks2012ReplDB',
--choose type of subscription you have
@subscription_type ='1' --0 for push and 1 for pull


Here is the screen capture of output.


This screen capture shows that total number of 64 commands are waiting to apply from “AdventureWorks2012” database to “AdventureWorks2012ReplDB” and that would take 0 (<1) seconds.

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4 thoughts on “Find undistributed replication command in SQL Server

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  2. Minesh

    Hi Ritesh,
    Thanks for writing such an informative article..We have a big replicated environment and I am trying to cleanup some as we think some articles might not be replicating data….Is there anyway to find a list of articles that are no more publishing the data?? Thanks in Advance….Minesh

    1. Riteshshah Post author

      Hello Minesh,

      First of all you have to check your publication whether articles are there or not. if it is there then you can count number of rows in source table and destination table.

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