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Customize toolbar and menu in SSMS of SQL Server 2012

Customize toolbar and menu in SSMS of SQL Server 2012

Microsoft always provides a way to customize appearance of the tool/software it provides, for the convenience of the user and SQL Server Management studio is not an exception. Actually this customization option is not new in SQL Server 2012 but it is one of the unappreciated feature due to lake of awareness.

Let us see, how we can customize Toolbar and Menu in SSMS.

Once you open SSMS click on “Customize” option from “Tools” menu and you will get dialog box like this:


Here you can get two tab “Toolbars” and “Commands”.

From the first tab “Toolbars”, you can on/off any toolbar of your need which either SQL Server provide or provided by any 3rd Party software for example Redgate toolbelt.

From the second tab “Commands” tab you can add / remove / move up / move down toolbar option/ menu/ menu option. You can see that “Project” menu comes in 5th position by default but I made it 3rd,, right after Edit menu.


This is how you can setup your own appearance as per your convenience.

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Reference: Ritesh Shah

Note: Microsoft Books online is a default reference of all articles.