Keep an eye on replication error in SQL Server

Keep an eye on replication error in SQL Server

Setting up replication is may be little easy but to keep a constant watch on the performance of the replication is one of the tough task to do. If setup of replication is proper and if you are having a proper hardware and infrastructure, you won’t face much issue. Since we are not facing much issue, we may feel hectic to keep constant watch on replication health and this is the time you may face some trouble in replication and you are not alert to handle that uncertain situation.

DBA can’t afford to be in this situation. Every DBA has to prepare their self ready to handle as much uncertain situation as possible. I have created one small query to run in “Distributor” database of replication which show me error message with publisher, subscriber name and exact date time if anything goes wrong with my replication.

I used to call following SELECT query in my monitoring application so that if any error comes, I get immediate update from the person who is manually monitoring my application in the company. “Prevention is always better then cure” but nobody is sure enough that after having prevention, there won’t be any situation arise which force us to have cure. This is the reason I keep adding things in my monitoring application though I used to take as much prevention as possible while setting up things.

MSrepl_errors msre
MSdistribution_history msh
( = msh.error_id)
MSdistribution_agents ma
( = msh.agent_id)
msre.time DESC

Above SELECT query will return the result only, if we have any error in replication at the moment, otherwise you will get blank result set.

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Reference: Ritesh Shah

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