All Program menu in task bar in Windows 8

All Program menu in task bar in Windows 8

I am using Microsoft operating system from the version “Windows 98” in the year of 2000 and by now, I am so used to with “Start” menu with “Programs” / “All Programs” option to see all the installed software. This is changed from the version “Windows 8”, though Window 8 have “Start” menu screen but it looks like “tiles” and I may need some time to habituate with this so meanwhile I though how can I get “All Programs” in Task bar and found the solution which I am going to show today.

Right click on “Task Bar” to open popup menu, go to Toolbars | New toolbar….


As soon as you will click on “New toolbar…”, you will get “Choose a folder” dialog box, type down following command in textbox of “Folder”.

%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs


After copy/past the command given above, click on “Select Folder” button from dialog box and follow the default process. Once it is done, you can see the “All Program” menu in the task bar as shown in following screen capture.


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Reference: Ritesh Shah

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