Shutdown button on start menu in Windows 8

Shutdown button on start menu in Windows 8

Alt+F4 is a best way to shutdown your Windows 8 but many people so used to with start menu shutdown button.I have found the trick to do that. You can see that I have my “Shutdown” button in following start menu.


Let us see how did I get it.

First move to desktop area. Right click on Desktop so that you will get popup menu. click on New|Shortcut


Now you will get dialog box where you can create shortcut from. You have to give shutdown command there “C:\Windows\System32\shudown.exe /s /t 0”


Give the name to your shortcut, I gave “Shutdown”.


Now short cut button is created on desktop and you can even click on it to shutdown your windows8.  This button doesn’t give us feel like “Shutdown” :). let us change the icon image of this button but right click on that button and click on “Properties”


Once you will get properties, you can click on “Change Icon” button from following dialog box and select the image you like for “Shutdown” button.


Once you will change the image, you have shutdown button on your desktop but you may like to have it on “Start” menu of windows8 so right click on button, click on “Pin to Start” option and you are done. You can get the same Shutdown icon on the start menu as given in first screen capture of this article.


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Reference: Ritesh Shah

Note: Microsoft Books online is a default reference of all articles.

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