Monitor user login connected to SQL Server

Monitor user login connected to SQL Server


SA and Windows Administrator login should be disabled in SQL Server due to security reason. I am not going to discuss those reasons in this article as there are many pro/cons and rules/regulations of some industry associated with it. Once we start debate on this, it is never ending so there is no meaning to raise this issue in this article.


I, personally, believe that SA and Administrator account either should be disabled or should not be used until real emergency comes when we MUST have to use it.


I have my monitoring application developed in Asp.Net which keeps an eye on every aspects of SQL Server I need. One of them is to check whether any developer or application is using SA or Administrator account. I use following SQL Server view which keeps an eye on this.

[sourcecode language=”sql”]

CREATE VIEW View_GetLoginDetails



Host_Name as HostName,

login_name AS LoginName,

count(*) as Connections,


WHEN login_name = ‘sa’ OR login_name LIKE ‘%administrator%’ THEN ‘red’


END AS BackColor




Host_Name, login_name


BackColor DESC, Connections DESC


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