Find Object participated in replication

Find Object participated in replication

It happens many times that we want to know the object participated in replication from publisher database. We may not have populated all database objects in replication so we might want to compare the object.

Sometime we may have populated all tables, view etc. in replication but over the time we add some more tables or other database objects in primary (Publisher) database and we want to find out what are those objects.

Sometime we want to remove some of the objects from subscriber database as we might have removed it either from replication or from publisher database and wanted to remove it from subscriber database.

Reason may be more then I have discussed above but in any case, whenever, we want to get list of objects participated in replication; we can use script given below:

[sourcecode language=”sql”]
Name as ObjectName
,CASE WHEN xtype=’P’ THEN ‘Stored Procedure’
WHEN xtype=’V’ THEN ‘View’
WHEN xtype=’FN’ THEN ‘Function’
WHEN xtype=’U’ THEN ‘User Table’
END AS ObjectType
) AS T
ObjectType IS NOT NULL

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