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SQL Server CodeName :

SQLServerYesterday I got call from one Sr. Software Engineer from my previous company, He wanted to use SQL Server 2012 so asked me whether I have downloaded trial version of the same, he would like to use it. I told him to use the computer I was using there as it was having installation as well as setup of trial version. He went to that PC and asked me again that he can see “SQL Server Denali” there but there is no installation of “SQL Server 2012”.

Actually I was working there till few months back when we have Denali CTP 3 available only so I told him that “Denali” was the code name of “SQL Server 2012”. After having this conversation, I thought to share few different code name with its final product name because Microsoft used to give code name to each product they develop and later on when final version available, they give final product name so I thought it would be interesting to know. As a fan of SQL Server, I used to follow the SQL Server product as soon as it is announced by Microsoft and that is one of the reason I used to keep track of SQL Server code name.

Product Name Codename Comment
SQL Server 6.0 SQL95
SQL Server Enterprise Manager Starfighter
SQL Server 6.5 Hydra
SQL Server 7.0 Sphinx  Database compatibility version 70
Olap Services 7.0 Plato  1st version of Microsoft Analysis Service
SQL Server 2000 (32-bit) Shiloh  Database compatibility version 80
SQL Server 2000 (64-bit) Liberty  Database compatibility version 80
SQL Server Reporting Services Rosetta
SQL Server 2005 Yukon  Database compatibility version 90
SQL Server 2008 Katmai / Akadia  Database compatibility version 100
SQL Report Designer 2.0 Blue
SQL Server 2008R2 Killimanjaro  Database compatibility version 100
SQL Server 2012 Denali  Database compatibility version 110

Codename is not only given to SQL Server but it is given to almost each product developed by Microsoft.

Reference: Ritesh Shah



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