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There is a big difference between writing a book and writing a blog. I understand this when I have started writing a book “SQL Server 2012 Performance Tuning Cookbook”.
SQL Server 2012 Performance Tuning Cookbook

SQL Server 2012 Performance Tuning Cookbook

As soon as PACKT proposed me to write the book on this subject, I have started deciding the topics to cover in this book with my co-author Bihag Thaker. It was a big challenge to decide the content of this book because performance tuning is a big topic and covering all aspects under the one book is little difficult but finally we have managed the book in three following parts.
1.)  Performance Monitoring
2.) Performance Tuning
3.) Performance Management
Each topic covered the practical recipe for hands-on experience of the readers. PACKThas conducted my interview regarding my journey of this book writing process. Further reading the interview, please click here.
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