1050 answers in forums like Experts-Exchange.com and Forums.Asp.Net and 225 articles in SQLHub.com

Well It’s been almost six and a half months I am helping the community via my own blog SQLHub.com and few forums, mainly Experts-Exchange.com and sometime Forums.Asp.Net. Today I thought to calculate about how many people I have helped in forums so just went to statistics and found that I have answered 936 questions in the area of Microsoft technology in Experts-Exchange.com and in forums.asp.net, I have answered approx 114 questions so far, so the total is 1050. In my blog SQLHub.com, I have written 225 articles till date and have received so many comments and 100s of emails from readers about appreciating my work.

I am really pleased to have really warm welcome and co-operation from the community. It is really encouraging me to work more for the community as this is the great way to share and learn new from other experts and colleague in community.

I hope to have same co-operation and encouraging comment from all of you in the future also and I promise today that I will work more and more in community and try to help each and every single individual who will come to me.

BTW, you can refer my Experts-Exchange.com profile and Asp.Net profile too, for more information about me and my community activity.

Thanks & Regards.

Reference: Ritesh Shah
Note: Microsoft Books online is a default reference of all articles but examples and explanations prepared by Ritesh Shah, founder of
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Author: Riteshshah

Ritesh Shah is a database professional with having 16+ years of experience in various domain of IT field. He is a author of many technical articles on Microsoft Technology and authored a book of SQL Server 2012 Performance Tuning cookbook. He loves work with different Microsoft Products.

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