Return comma separated value with For XML Path in SQL Server 2008/2005

We many time needs to return value of one column as a comma separated value, we can use COALESCE or ISNULL for this task but it is a lengthy process. I also have written one article for same task with COALESCE function, have a look:
Today I am going to show you one of the easy methods to do same task. Let us create one dummy table and move ahead.
use Adventureworks
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[emps](
[Name] [varchar](50),
[Dept] [varchar](10),
[Company] [varchar](15)
–insert records
SELECT ‘Rajan’,‘MIS’,‘mar’
Now this is a time to show you how to get all names with separated by comma.
select left(,len( as ‘allName’ from
select name + ‘,’  from emps for xml path()
) as t(name)

Isn’t is easy to use method rather than ISNULL and COALESCE? Yes, it is!!!

Reference: Ritesh Shah
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