Where is my Open Package option of DTS in SSMS?

If you are working with SQL Server 7.0 or SQL Server 2000 since long and jump into SQL Server 2005 and/or 2008 suddenly you may be finding the option to open DTS package of SQL Server 2000 in SSMS. It was very easy from Enterprise manager of SQL Server2000. You can expand “Data Transformation Service” table under the “Database” tab, right click on that and click on “Open Package “ command. Have a look at screen capture.

But you will not be able to see “Data Transformation Service” command in SSMS directly. Isn’t it there? Answer is, it is there but at other location.

 Expand the Management object.

 Open the Legacy object.

 Right click on Data Transformation Services.

 Click on “Open Package File”

Have a look at screen capture:

However, you can open old .DTS packages in SSMS but it is better to upgrade it to .DTSX package. There is one nice article at simple-talk.com. Have a look.



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